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svn commit: r8 - trunk/www/index.html

Author scdevelop
Full name Santiago C.
Date 2006-11-23 16:25:16 PST
Message Author: scdevelop
Date: 2006-11-23 16:25:16-0800
New Revision: 8


Updated web page.

Modified: trunk/www/index.html
Url: http://delphiaddinfo​rtortoisesvn.tigris.​org/source/browse/de​lphiaddinfortortoise​svn/trunk/www/index.​html?view=diff&r​ev=8&p1=trunk/ww​w/index.html&p2=​trunk/www/index.html​&r1=7&r2=8
--- trunk/www/index.html (original)
+++ trunk/www/index.html 2006-11-23 16:25:16-0800
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
-A very simple add-in for Delphi and C++ Builder IDE's (a.k.a Borland Developer Studio).
+A very simple add-in for Delphi and C++ Builder IDE's (a.k.a Borland Developer Studio, a.k.a Turbo Delphi/C++).
 This will add a menu with the most common TortoiseSVN commands to work with the current project files.
@@ -37,11 +37,16 @@
 and an extra command to open an explorer window with current project (to access advanced TortoiseSVN commands).
 This add-in is just to facilitate working with TortoiseSVN without leaving the IDE. It's not meant to be a
 fully-IDE-integrated VCS system.
+If you own Borland Developer Studio or some of the Turbos you have other, more sofisticate alternatives to this add-in.
+For a free plugin that does not require TortoiseSVN (i.e. works directly with SVN) see the
+<a href="http://sourceforge.n​et/projects/delphisv​n/">Subversion plugin for Borland Delphi</a>.

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svn commit: r8 - trunk/www/index.html scdevelop Santiago C. 2006-11-23 16:25:16 PST
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